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Museum of Music & Arts in Las Vegas

Have you ever wondered where the tune "dj-ing" originated and why it remained so popular over the last century? Imagine going on a voyage through the culmination of the historical context, records, and memorabilia that history has to offer. Just take a ...

Rediscover DJ Culture: A Journey Through Time

This extraordinary experience is not just a museum but a time capsule reflecting the history of the DJ culture we all love. From the earliest stirrings of this still-flourishing art form to the extravagance of the Las Vegas strip, The DJ Museum will be a ...

Unveiling the Beat

Exploring DJ Culture: A Timeless Odyssey

At The DJ Museum, we are more than just a museum; we are a voyage through time. Our focus lies in the birth and evolution of DJ culture, tracing its roots back to the early 1900s. As you wander through our meticulously curated exhibits, you'll uncover the secrets of this musical phenomenon, brought to life through a captivating collection of artifacts and wall pieces. This exclusive element is just the beginning of the mesmerizing insights we have in store for you.

Interactive Enchantment: Where Music Comes to Life

What sets us apart is our commitment to keeping your experience dynamic and engaging. Our museum isn't just about looking; it's about experiencing. Prepare to dive into the world of DJing with our hands-on introduction to DJ equipment, studio gear, and video-based learning tools. Feel the rhythm, mix the tracks, and experience the art of DJing firsthand. Whether you're a seasoned DJ or a curious newbie, there's something here to make your heart beat to the music. Buy tickets today!

Exclusive DJ Museum Merchandise: Wear the Beat

Take home a piece of DJ history with our exclusive line of apparel and merchandise. Our items are a tribute to the DJ culture and are not available anywhere else. From stylish tees that celebrate iconic DJs to collectible memorabilia that pays homage to turntables and mixers, you'll find the perfect keepsake to remind you of your unforgettable journey through The DJ Museum. Check our merch here!

Where the Past, Present, and Future Harmonize

Whether you're a music enthusiast, a history buff, or simply looking for a unique and immersive experience, The DJ Museum promises to be a symphony for your senses. Join us as we unlock the mysteries of DJ culture, one beat at a time.

Plan your visit today and prepare to be entranced by the magic of music at The DJ Museum, where the past, present, and future of DJ culture harmonize.


Parking available
Good for children
Debit & credit cards accepted
Music education
DJ culture
Unique experience
Cultural impact
Historical showcase
Hands-on learning

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